Omujeve, once again…

We are back at Omujeve’s main lodge about one hour south of Windhoek. It is a wonderful place, excellent accommodations, food, beverages, people and home to over twenty-seven species of wildlife. Their website is

Omujeve lodge

We had the opportunity to take a Toyota four door land-cruiser and have Scully, a twelve-year member of the Omujeve Hunting Safari family, and superior tracker, show us around the farm. It is over twenty six thousand acres high fenced, but the topography, bushveld, and terrain will challenge any hunter or photographer. Sand rivers, rocky mountains with cliffs and edges, camel thorn, acacia and cat’s claw, cover the canyon walls while grasses weave their way across the vlei’s and canyon bottoms.

Gentle rolling hills
Northwest end of farm, brush and canyons

In one three and half hour morning tour we saw everything except cats or hyena on the property. Sable, roan, kudu, black faced and regular impala, springbok, blue and black wildebeest, warthog, ostrich, giraffe, bat eared fox, red lechwe, nyala, eland, waterbuck, blesbok, two types of francolin, and guinea fowl, dik-dik, steenbok, duiker, and more. There are also leopard, brown hyena (protected), caracal, serval, genet, and other hard to photograph species.

The number and quality of animals is amazing. We took part in a game capture program several days earlier, to capture forty-five waterbuck and seventy-five impala for relocation to other farms in Namibia. The high winds made the helicopter flying challenging at best and dangerous at times. Still it was a successful operation, concluded in less than two days.

While here we ran into an old friend, and many-time client from over a decade ago. It was good to catch up and compare notes on his African adventures and travels over the intervening years. The African hunting community is really a small circle. It is common to meet new people, whose father or uncle hunted with some of my friends and contemporaries decades ago. I can honestly say the vast majority, read ninety plus percent, of the hunters I have encountered in my life are good people. Solid, hardworking, family oriented human beings. They have instilled this same ethic in their children, both male and female, with great success. May the circle continue…

In Africa?? Yes Virginia!


One thought on “Omujeve, once again…

  1. Thank you for this amazing experience. New insight on conservation hunting and the circle of life. Please wish my sister a happy birthday for me.


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